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Sugar away to a better state of mind

Fighting depression is so hard. All of a sudden your power is gone. As if you are paralyzed. You want to move but you can't feel anything.

Depression has been my middel name for a long time. I really tried everything. But when the doctor decided I have to take medicines something inside me told me to look further. I took a walk down my memory lane and decided I had to find something to make me feel better. It had to be basic, easy to obtain, something that I could just do it alone, with no help.

FOOD! I quit sugar. Simple, no, not at all. Sugar is everywhere. You can see it, taste it or it's hidden. I stopped eating sugar 5 years ago. And my state of mind improved.

I gave up pasta, potatoes, cookies, processed food, supermarket packages, some kind of teas (you can't believe it but some teas contain sugar), candies, different kind of beverages and even some types of fruits. Was it easy? No. Could I do it in one time? No. It took me 3 years to gradually eliminate groups of food from my plate. Was it hard? Very very hard.

What I eat? Simple, basic, unprocessed, raw or cooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, rice fish and sometimes a bit of meat, mostly chicken.

Depression, almost gone, sometime I feel it coming up but I just fight it back. It is a long journey but I enjoy it. I enjoy discovering new things and experimenting. I eat and try to feel what happens.

What was your major change in your life in order to fight depression?

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