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Soft skin

Perfect skin. We all want it. The soft, smooth, not too dry, not too oily skin. The one you see everywhere on Pinterest, Instagram, TV, magazines, your best friend, your colleague, your daughter.

I have learnt to love my skin the way it is. I have accepted it. After many years of being angry and fighting it, I just made peace with it.

Reading, experimenting and studying about it has brought me very far.

The skin is the mirror to our health. Unfortunately perfect health is hard to achieve.

Perfect skin is the combination of right food, healthy microbiome, gentle and organic skin care, relaxation, exercise, breathing, healthy state of mind, accepting your past and present situation, enough sleep and comforting living environment. I know, I know I am asking too much.

Skincare is so interesting and I have been studying for more then 10 years. I've made rules, rituals and routines that I am going to share here one by one.

For now I want to give people with troubled skin one piece of advice. In order to heal your skin you have to accept it the way it is now. Acceptance gives you peace and quiet in your mind and that is the first step. Please, take some time, think about it and start loving your skin.

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