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Refined and minimal

At the train station, I find myself stare at the magazines in the reading shop, curious about the new fashion, interior, beauty and lifestyle trends. You can buy a lot of magazines with beautiful photo’s, interesting tips and many shopping guides. Everything is out there. The world of infinite information overwhelms me all the time. I mostly browse quickly and forget everything in a minute.

This is going to be my Shine MAG. An inspirational, rich, simple, calm, minimalistic way of gathering what I want to read and see. I want to share my passion for good, simple food, fun exercise, beautiful fashion, nature, health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

My inspiration comes from my clients, friends, what I read, what I study and my passion for a healthy, luxury, minimalistic way of living.

I hope I can inspire others to discover how original they are and to help them with simple, refined pieces of information to enrich their life.

I am not a native English speaker, so please bear my language. Please do not hesitate to give any suggestions, ideas of ask question.

This is the beginning of a beautiful journey...

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